Promising a blessing preaching has gotten most black people in Covington, Louisiana to begin leaving the church because they are sick and tired of the same old promising preacher screaming and screaming and ordering them that some blessing will materialize their way when all they have to do is love god?

This is a helpless mentality that has been dragging on since slavery times and beyond. You know the…. there’s nothing going to transpire in your life without bowing down and praying to god narrative. How many times have you heard this from people, not only in church but from your religious friends. Your friends and family say this without hesitation. Nevermind that you went to school for 20 or more years of your life to get educated and trained to be a worthwhile human being. Nevermind that you actually eat healthy and workout and take care of yourself so you can stay healthy. Nevermind that you know how to take care of a man or woman so you can have a endless relationship.

NOPE… that ain’t why fortunate things happen to you. None of these nice things in life can ever transpire without the love of god and priasing his name. This is the insane behavior that we have all been brought up on and it is 2017 and we are still being exposed to it. So most religious god loving bible lovers are saying is to just squat on your rump and do nothing but pray for fortunate things to transpire like god is a leprechaun that grants 3 wishes. Now when you question how bizarre that sounds, the first thing they say is… prayer without works don’t mean nothing.

Another one of the religious bible’s concepts of contradictions that has your mind distracted and twisted and restrained.

Most black people in Covington, Louisiana are waking up and starting to leave the church because they can surely see it is holding them back from achieving better things in life than getting on your your hands and knees and begging or holding your hands in the air and waving them from side to side wishing and speaking to yourself.

You are urged to ask your head pastor about this and see what she says. You are guaranteed to hear the same silliness you just read above. Please spread this message to your church friends who have a brain and are considering for a more better way of life without fear of magical and unseeable concepts. It’s called being a human.

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Black people in Covington, Louisiana are leaving the church because of false promises
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