The Bible Unlocked – The Tithing Deception!!!!!

Instead of everybody giving their money to the money preacher, just imagine what all that money could have done for the black community. Instead of churches on every corner, we should convert the churches into education and business empowerment centers or get back on your feet from being unemployed programs or a skills trade program. This is a full proof plan to uplift all black communities…. not churches and pastor babbling on and on and on about money and twisting scripture and begging for money for the church from gullable people.

Please share this post with every black christian and maybe they too will open their eyes and step into the light of truth and critical thinking and stop getting ripped off and tricked on blind faith of a concept that was created to provide black folks comfort during slave times.

If you agree with this, then you are a closet atheist. Welcome to the family. It’s ok