CRAZY STUFF the Bible Says #2

1. For just looking at a woman and wanting to have sex or even thinking about having sex will land you a place in eternal torment and burn forever in hell. You are convicted of a thought crime even while you are sleep. WHAT!

2. If a man has a sex change or has crushed balls cannot enter a church. So if you get hit in the balls or if you accidentally hit your balls on the table, then you are banned from the church. WHAT!

3. If you don’t worship god, he will punish you 7 times.
– Force you to eat your childred
– Throw your dead body on to your false idols
– Cast you out with the other non believers and chase you with a sword

…and this is your loving god? Sounds like a vindictive jealous child.

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CRAZY STUFF the Bible Says #2
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